5 Best Corporate Videos of 2021

Hearing the words “corporate video” doesn’t generally spark excitement – but that doesn’t mean yours has to be boring. There are many ways to make your video interesting to the viewer, while getting the intended corporate message across.

Before we dive into some examples, let’s define a corporate video.

A corporate video is a video produced by a business or organization for non-advertising purposes. These could range anywhere from employee training videos, to those intended to showcase accomplishments to stakeholders.

1: CarlNann

In this video, CarlNann, a German advertising agency, announces their change of company name and corporate branding in a unique way. They use visuals to show the reasoning behind their look and feel and logo, while showcasing the company’s skill at creating something engaging at the same time. The video gives examples of how their new logo, name and visual identity will look on various pieces, while introducing their viewer to their employees at the same time.

2: Bouygues Group

This 8-minute video goes in depth about the various companies under the Bouygues Group and all of the services they provide. Although yes, 8 minutes is quite long… they keep the viewer engaged by painting a picture of their wide range of endeavors from roadways, to buildings, to telecommunications services in a visually appealing way. You get the full picture of all aspects of the Bouygues Group from every expertly-edited angle.

3: Tecnodinamica

This industrial automation company shows how their products come to life by presenting every step of the process in a way that is engaging to the viewer. An average person wouldn’t know what it takes to build industrial robotics and machinery, and Tecnodinamica’s corporate video goes through every aspect from research, to production, to testing. It shows prospective buyers, employees, and stakeholders exactly what is required for their products to be created and demonstrates their capabilities in doing so. For a company that builds something as complex as automated machinery, it would be important to show the details of their processes to help their viewers have an understanding of what’s required.

4: Trax

Trax’s corporate video is a great example of visual storytelling to show how a business is solving a problem. It sets the stage by explaining today’s problem with brick and mortar stores – keeping up with today’s technological world and bringing in customers while competing with online retailers. The video then shows how their business is approaching the problem using digital solutions. They show the impact they would have on brands, retailers and shoppers by using examples of what their digital tools would look like in practice.

5: Surf Lakes

Last but not least, this Australian wave-generation company captures their audience with a highly visual corporate video. Surf Lakes innovated a way to bring surfing anywhere and they use their corporate video to show the experience. They start off with pro surfers talking about their experience with the product to draw the viewer’s attention, which leads into the Founder and CEO providing a more detailed overview of the company, the opportunities they provide, and their goals. 

Throughout the video, the visuals cut to people enjoying themselves at one of their surf parks, which keeps the video engaging. If the experience of your business is a main selling point for your potential stakeholders, showing it is crucial for your corporate video.

Final thoughts

These 5 corporate video examples are setting the stage for more great videos to come. We look forward to seeing what other businesses come up with, and will update this list later in the year.


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