We help businesses grow by providing marketing strategy and execution. Current, authentic, and committed to empowering you to profit with data-backed results.

About HOWL

HOWL is a marketing agency that provides creative solutions to our clients with strong design foundations combined with data backed approaches.

We work with clients from around the world on campaigns, brands, creative projects, and marketing development.


HOWL was founded in 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta. HOWL represents years of experience and creative development by its founders. 

In 2019, HOWL was fortunate to meet several amazing partners with a similar vision to grow the company. On March 19th 2019 HOWL opened it’s first office in downtown Edmonton and experienced a year of expansion with the team growing from two to seven.


HOWL understands that quality results come from strategy and execution.

Setting clear objectives and measuring our progress allows for solutions to be reached through a dynamic and controlled process.

Service is everything

With extensive experience working in multiple facets of digital media, advertising, and entertainment, there is no goal we can’t reach. We stay familiar with trending platforms and the latest technology to provide expansive media options for effective brand marketing.

If you have a dream we want to make it a reality.


Joel Pelletier

Founder / Design Veteran

Andre Pelletier

Founder /  Business Super Booster

Morgan Gies

Film God

Patrick McGinley

Social Slayer

Kayla Bangay

Numbers Mastermind

Jimmi English

Data Cruncher




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