Develop your digital strategY

We help businesses grow by providing marketing strategy and execution. Current, authentic, and committed to empowering you to profit with data-backed results.


HOWL is a marketing agency that provides creative solutions with strong design foundations and data backed approaches.

We take a strategy-first approach that considers the bigger picture before execution. Our clients deserve to succeed and we build pathways to get there.


HOWL is proudly based in Edmonton, Alberta and was originally formed in 2017.

In 2019, we expanded our team with new talent that pushed us forward creatively and strategically.

We opened our downtown office in 2020 experienced a year of adaptation that propelled us through the challenges of the pandemic. Looking forward, we aim to continually evolve to better our clients and reach new horizons.


HOWL understands that quality results come from strategy and execution.

Setting clear objectives and measuring our progress allows for solutions to be reached through a dynamic and controlled process.

Service is everything

We truly care about your success. When you work with HOWL, you get a genuine approach that’s responsive, current, and dedicated to helping you win.  




Give us a shout! Let’s talk about your vision, your goals, and what keeps you up at night.

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